Section 6: Vendors

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Except as noted, these companies can provide comprehensive recovery services and a great deal of advice in the event of a disaster. They can be reached by phone at any time.

American Freeze Dry, Inc            Vacuum freeze drying;

411 White Horse Pike                company deals primarily with

Audubon, NJ 08106            library books and office files.

609 546-0777 (fax) 609 547-4158   pick-up and delivery, -20_F storage

Contact: John Magill.            They do not dry out buildings.

Art Care International, Inc.     Company uses a low-oxygen

Bel Ans Park                   environment to kill mold and

103 South Greenbush Rd.                insects. They can treat objects or

Orangeburg, NY 10962            books on site or at their plant.

Phone/Fax 914 398-1315                   Contact: William O'Shea

BMS Catastrophe, Inc.                 A very large company, serves

303 Arthur Street                                    commercial/industrial facilities

Fort Worth, TX 76107            primarily; also libraries/museums.

800 433-2940 (fax) 817 332-6728   Phone advice, emergency planning                    and prevention materials.

Disaster Recovery Services            Freeze drying;

2425 Blue Smoke Court South  .i.magnetic media; recovery;

Fort Worth, TX 76105            site surveys;

800 856-3333 (fax) 817 536-1167   .i.mold, asbestos and lead

e-mail:              clean-up

Document Reprocessors               Freeze-drying (primarily

of New York, Inc.                             library collections), packing,

5611 Water Street                          reshelving, mobile

Middlesex, NY 14507            freeze-drying units;

888 4-DRYING (437-9464)               they do not dry out buildings.

(fax)  716 554-4114            

Munters Moisture Control Services

16 Hunt Road                                    Site surveys, dessicant

Amesbury, MA 01913                  dehumidification of

800 959-7901 (24-hr number,            buildings and humid

will direct to nearest office)             collections. Flood recovery            and cleaning of collections,

                                                            freeze-drying, film storage,

                                                      HVAC system design

National Library Relocation

70 Bridge Road                          Document and book cleaning,

Central Islip, NY 11722            cleaning services, rental of

516 543-2821 (fax) 232-2236            library shelving.i.library shelving,            rental; and bins

Pro Libra                                    Personnel for labor-intensive work

6 Inwood Place                           associated with disasters, such as

Maplewood, NJ 07040            record control, sorting damaged

800 262-0070                                         items, packing boxes. Other support

fax 201 762- 8777                           activities include cataloging,

e-mail:            barcoding, appraisals, database

Contact: Angela Dzikowski            maintenance, archive organization.

Solex Environmental Systems            Freeze-drying facility can

P.O. Box 460242                                    accomodate trailers full

Houston, TX 77056                         of materials.

800 848-0484 (fax)713 461-5877                Dehumidification of

Contact: Don Hartsell                       large spaces, on-site.


(Look in Yellow Pages under Warehouses - Cold Storage;)

Some warehouses will accept wet books and documents in boxes or milk crates. They have different types of freezers, capable of reaching various temperatures. Arrangements are made on a case-by-case basis. If your library or museum is part of a bigger institution, you may be able to use space in food service freezers. Some small institutions have made arrangements with local supermarkets. Most will not accept contaminated materials.

(a few are listed here, alphabetically by city

Distribution Unlimited                  Public freezer facility,

Northeast Industrial Park                 will accept wet materials

P.O. Box 98                                 on space available basis.

Guilderland Center, NY 12085Contact: Andy Kramarchyk

800 950-2125, x 104 (fax) 518 356-0534      


Kingston Cold Storage                     Freeze from -5_ to -20_F,

478 Albany Ave.                          depending on time of year

Kingston, NY 12401

914 331-0660                                         Contact: Bill Swan

Conn Cold Storage and Freezers

1666 Rte. 9W                              Freeze to -10_F

Milton, NY 12547                                    No smoke damaged materials;

914 795-2170 (fax) 814 795-2293   odor absorbed by foods in freezer.

Middlehope Cold Storage, Inc.

P.O. Box 503

5360 Rte. 9W

Newburgh, NY 12550            Contact: Charles Morealo

914 561-0371, phone and fax                             


John E. Allen, Inc.                                    Copying of deteriorated 16

116 North Avenue                                         and 35 mm. motion picture

Park Ridge, NJ 07656                         film, including nitrate films.

201 391-3299 (fax) 201 391-6335 

Film Treat                                                Rejuvenate motion

42-24 Orchard Street                          picture film.

Long Island City, NY 11101                  Restoration of water, grease,

718 784-4040 fax (718) 784-4766               soot damage.

Contact: Sam Borodinsky                      Nationwide service. 

Film Technology Company, Inc.                 Conservation of

726 North Cole Avenue                           16mm and 35mm motion

Hollywood, CA 90038                              picture film; nitrate film

323 464-3456 (fax) 323 464-7439               duplication


Karl Malkames                                         Regeneration of damaged

1 Sherwood Place                                         9, 16, 28, and 35 mm. film;

Scarsdale, NY 10583                               nitrate film duplication

914 723-8853



Bayer Corp., AGFA Division                    Manufacturer of

100 Challenger Road                          microfilm.

Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660                         Contact Bob Phelan re:

201 440-0111 x 4202 (fax.) 201 440-1512            washing and reprocessing                             wet microfilm.

Eastman Kodak Company

Disaster Recovery Laboratory                 Reprocessing of original

1700 Dewey Avenue                                   Kodak films at not

B-65, Door G, Room 340                        charge to institution.

Rochester, NY 14650-1819                           Call Howard Schwartz

800 352-8378                                                   for directions.

Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc.                              Disaster recovery services

555 Taxter Road                                    for microfilm at nearest

Elmsford, NY 10523                         Fuji processor.

800-755-3854 , x 8272, 8273                Call for directions, 

(fax) 914-789-8165                                           or visit website.


Hudson Microimaging                            Microfilming.

P.O. Box 640, Route 9W                         Advice on

Port Ewen, NY 12466                         preservation and

914 338-5785                                               recovery of microfilm.


New England Micrographics                    Reprocessing of Fuji and

750 E. Industrial Park Drive                 Ilford microfilm. Off-site

Manchester, NH 03109                              storage for microfilm and

603 625-1171 fax: 603 625-2515                   computer media.

Preservation Resources                     Microfilming.

Nine S. Commerce Way                          Advice on

Bethlehem, PA 18017-8916               preservation and

800 773-7222 (fax) 610 758-9700               recovery of microfilm.


ACS Data Recovery Service                      repair damaged data

42-220 Green Way, Suite B                       caused by hardware

Palm Desert, CA 92211                              failure, virus, user

760 568-4351 (fax) 760 341-8694               error

Data Recovery and Reconstruction

(Data R&R)

P.O. Box 35993                                     decontamination of

Tucson, AZ 85740                                     fire and water damaged

520 742-5724                                                   hard drives

ESS (Electronic System Services)

118 Parkwood Road                          cleaning and copying of

Carbondale, IL 6290                                   hard drives and disks

888 759-8758 (fax) 618 529-5152



101 Billerica Avenue                                   computer recovery

5 Billerica Park                                        service; more than 20

North Billerica, MA 01862-1256              operating systems

800 726-3669 (fax) 978 670-5901

Micro-Surgeon                                           computer recovery

6 Sullivan Street                                     service

Westwood, NJ 07675                     

201 666-7880                                                   Pager: 201 619-1796


6321 Bury Drive                                       on-site and remote

Eden Prairie, MN 55346                              data recovery services

800 872-2599

(fax) 612 937-5750

TexStar Technologies                                   data recovery,

3526 FM 528, Suite 200                             computer security,

Friendswood, Texas 77546            software design,

281 282-9902 (fax) 281 282-9904              systems integration

MAGNETIC TAPE RECOVERY;   videotape, recovery; audio media, recovery

RDP Video Productions                  Convert 16 mm film to

747 Chestnut Ridge Road                     videotape; recovery of

Chestnut Ridge, NY 10977                  damaged tapes.

914 426-1014, (fax) 914 356-6105               Contact: Randy Popkave

Restoration Technologies, Inc.                 Recovery of electronic data,

3695 Prairie Lake Court                       radio & TV, telephone,

Aurora, IL 60504                                    laboratory equipment,

800 421-9290 (fax) 630 851-1774               magnetic tapes, computer                 disks, photoprocessing.                                                                 Mobile lab brought to site.

Smolian Sound Studios                                 Restoration of all types

1 Wormans Mill Court                                of audio tape and

Frederick, MD 21701                             restoration of acetate

301 694-5134                                                   and shellac phonograph

Contact: Steve Smolian                                  records.

SPECS Brothers                                           Videotape recovery;

PO Box 5                                                       cleaning and copying of

Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660                         archival video and

800 852-7732 (fax) 201 440-6588               audio tapes.                                 Contact: Peter Brothers

Vidipax                                                    Convert obsolete formats;

450 West 31st Street, 4th Floor              treat smoke and water

New York, NY 10001                         damaged tape as well as

212 563-1999                                               neglected, decaying video

(fax) 212 563-1994                                 and audiotape. Forensic                                evaluation. Archival

                                                                  film-to-tape transfers.


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