Section 7: Sources of Help & Advice

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This section contains information on institutions and conservators in private practice who can provide help, advice or referrals. Three binderies with conservation departments are listed at the end.

It would be most helpful to establish a relationship with preservation specialists and conservators before there is an emergency. Websites and e-mail addresses are included whenever possible; keep in mind that electronic addresses change frequently.  


American Institute for Conservation of

Historic and Artistic Works (.i.AIC;)

1717 K Street, NW, Suite 301            AIC is the national membership

Washington, DC 20006            organization of conservation

202 452-9545                                         professionals; it advances the

fax: 202 452-9328                           preservation of cultural property.

e-mail:                     The referral system helps            individuals and institutions locate

                                                         conservation services.

American Red Cross;           There are chapters in each

P.O. Box 37243                         county in the Hudson Valley

Washington, DC 20013                  and western Connecticut.

800 435-7669                                          Consult website for services and                    disaster planning information.

American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers

(ASHRAE;)                      The organization engages

1791 Tullie Circle,                               in research, sets standards

Atlanta, GA 30329                               and provides referrals.

404 636-8400                                         Chapters in NYC, White Plains,            Hartford. Articles on building environment topics in Journal, online.

The Brooklyn Museum of Art

200 Eastern Parkway                           Conservation advice,

Brooklyn, NY 11238                         emergency help

Conservation Department                and advice for textiles             

Contact: Won Yee Ng                             and objects.

718 638-5000, x 277 or 276          

(fax) 718 638-3731                                

Conservation Center for Art                Conservation of books,

and Historic Artifacts (CCAHA)                   documents, works of art on

264 S. 23rd Street                               paper, parchment,

Philadelphia, PA 19103                         photographs, wallpaper.

215 545-0613                                               consulting, including

(fax) 215 735-9313                                 preservation surveys

e-mail:                  and disaster planning.                                  Emergency help and advice.

CAP surveys;

Heritage Preservation;     

1730 K Street, NW, Suite 566                    Administers the Conservation

Washington, DC 20006-3836               Assessment Program (CAP)

202 634-1422                                               which provides funding for

(fax) 202 634-1435                                 preservation surveys   to qualifying institutions.

nce Institute ;(IPI)

Frank E. Gannet Memorial Building

70 Lomb Memorial Drive                           Advice on conservation

Rochester, NY 14623-5604                           of .i.photographic

716 474-5199 fax: 716 475-7230                   materials; and film.

James Reilly:

Doug Nishimura:

The Library of Congress;                 Contact  Preservation

National Preservation                    Directorate and state

Program Office                                       that you have an

Washington, DC 20540                         "emergency involving

202 707-5213                                               collections material."

Mon-Fri, 8:30am - 5pm.                         Advice for recovery of                 damaged library materials.

Lower Hudson Conference;              A regional service agency

2199 Saw Mill River Road                           providing professional training,

Elmsford, NY 10523                         networking and technical

Tema Harnik,                                           assistance to museums,

Administrative Consultant                  historical societies and sites,

914  592-6726 (fax) 914  592-6946               libraries and archives in the

e-mail:            metropolitan New York

                                                                   counties of Bronx, Dutchess,

                                                                  Orange, Putnam, Rockland,

                                                                     Ulster and Westchester, and

                                                                  also western Connecticut.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

1000 Fifth Ave.

New York, NY 10028Book                Preservation advice

Thomas J. Watson Library                including help in

Conservation Dept.                           emergencies;     

Contact: Mindell Dubansky                   referrals to vendors and

212 650-2891 (fax) 212 570-3847               conservators in the

e-mail:       New York metropolitan area.

The New York Academy of Medicine

1216 Fifth Avenue

New York, NY 10029-5293               Preservation advice,

Library                                                      including help 

Gladys Brooks Conservation Dept.   in emergencies;                 

Elaine Schlefer or Susan Martin               referrals to vendors

212 822-7363                                               and conservators in

e-mail:                      the New York

e-mail:                        metropolitan area.

The New York Botanical Garden

Bronx, NY 10458                                    Preservation advice

Judith Reed or Olga Marder              including help in

Conservation Department,               emergencies;

LuEsther T. Mertz Library                   referrals to vendors

718 817-8754 (fax) 718 817-8956               and conservators in

e-mail:                             the New York

e-mail:                         metropolitan area.


New York Metropolitan Reference              Resource sharing,

and Research Agency (METRO)                   professional development

57 East 11 Street                               and advocacy on behalf

New York, NY 10003                         of its member libraries

212 228-2320 (fax) 212 228-2598               and archives.

The New York Public Library

Fifth Ave. & 42nd St.                               Preservation advice

New York, NY 10018                         including help in

Contact: Marc Reeves,  Head                emergencies;

Goldsmith Conservation Laboratory            referrals to vendors

212 930-0723                                               and conservators in

Fax: 212 930-0666                                 the New York

e-mail:                          metropolitan area.

New York State                                     Emergency advice in

Office of Parks, Recreation and                 the following areas: paintings,

Historic Preservation                   paper, textiles, furniture,

Bureau of Historic Sites;                           decorative arts (ceramics, glass,

Peebles Island;                                        metal, leather, etc.) and

P.O. Box 219                                           archaeological materials.

Waterford, NY 12188                         Referrals to other

518 237-8643                                               conservators for treatment.

(fax) 518 235-4248

New York State Library                                  Emergency help and

New York State Education Department  advice in dealing

Cultural Education Center                        with documents and

Albany, New York 12230                           bound volumes.

Susan H. Bove, Conservation Technician

518 474-5964 (fax)518 474-5786               Referrals to area

e-mail:               conservators.

The New York State Program for             Emergency advice after a

the Conservation and Preservation             disaster, disaster planning

of Library Research Materials                   assistance, referrals.

The New York State Library              Disaster Planning

10-C-47 Cultural Education Center            and Environmental

Albany, NY 12230                               Controls resource

518  474-6971 (fax) 518-486-5254               packets available.

Northeast Document Conservation             Preservation planning,

Center (NEDCC)                                           disaster help and advice,

100 Brickstone Square                             surveys and consultation,

Andover, MA 01810-1420                    conservation of books, art on

978 470-1010  Contact: Karen Brownpaper, parchment, maps, 

(fax) 978 475-6021                                photographs. Microfilming.                                  All technical leaflets may be

                                                                  downloaded from website.

Princeton Preservation Group                        Members of the group will

c/o Mary Ann Kiernan                            volunteer their time and

Monmouth County Archives              expertise to museums,

125 Symmes Drive                                 libraries, archives, historical

Manalapan, NJ 07726                         societies in emergencies.

732 308-3771                                               A list of conservators and

(fax) 732-409-4888                                 other experts is available.


State Archives and Records                    Emergency help and

Administration                                           advice in dealing with

New York State Education Dept.                  documents, photographs,

Cultural Education Center,                       electronic media, films,

Albany, New York 12230                           magnetic media.

Maria Holden, Preservation Administrator

518 474-4856 (fax) 518 473-7573


Southeastern New York Library                       Advice, coordination and

Resources Council (SENYLRC)              referrals for libraries and

Rte. 299, Box 879                                   archival repositories in the

Highland, NY 12528                         NYS counties of Columbia,

914 691-2734 (fax) 914 691-6987               Dutchess, Greene, Orange,                                 Putnam, Rockland,

                                                                  Sullivan and Ulster.

preservation consultants;.i.textiles, conservation;

The Textile Conservation Workshop, Inc.

3 Main Street                               Conservation services for

South Salem, NY 10590                         all types of textiles.

914 763-5805 (fax) 914 763-5549               Emergency help and advice.

Westchester County

Office of Disaster and Emergency Services

Department of Public Safety

Emergency Operations Center                        County wide disaster

148 Martine Avenue                             preparedness information.

White Plains, NY 10601

800 942-1452; 914 285-3027 (fax) 914 285-2076

e-mail:            Contact: William A. Murphy

Williamstown Art Conservation Center, Inc.  

225 South Street                                    Conservation of paintings,

Williamstown, MA 01267                         picture frames, non-western art,

413 458-5741, M-F, 8:30-5                         photographs, works of art on

after hours:                                               paper, furniture. On-site

413 458-9545 x 212 (Clark Security)            conservation of murals and Emergency fax: 413 458-2314                   frescoes. Emergency advice. 

           General preservation and                                                                              item-by-item surveys. .i.preservation consultants;i.photographs, conservation

objects, conservation;           

Yale University Libraries                         Preservation advice

Conservation Department                including help in

New Haven, CT, 06520-8240               emergencies;

Gisela Noack, Chief Conservator or            referrals to area conservators

Laura O'Brien Miller, Asst. Conservator            and vendors.

203 432-1710 (fax) 203 432-7231


Private conservators in various fields are listed here to make it easier to contact people in your area who can help with preservation planning or collection surveys. The names were obtained from the Guide to Conservation Services of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC); each person agreed to be listed. This referral list changes every year; effective January 1, 2000, it will exclude some categories of membership. Inclusion does not imply endorsement and the list is by no means a complete inventory of competent practitioners in the area.

Appelbaum and Himmelstein            General preservation assessments,

444 Central Park West               including risk assessment and

New York, NY 10025            management.

212 666-4630                                         Post disaster work for mixed

(fax) 212 316-1039                           museum collections.


contact: Barbara Appelbaum or Paul Himmelstein

Nelly Balloffet                            Conservation of books, prints,

Paper Star Associates, Inc.            maps and documents. Consulting.

543 Illington Road                           Surveys of library and archival

Ossining, NY 10562                         collections.

914 941-8166 (fax) 914 941-3815            Emergency help and advice.


photographs, conservation.

Jerilyn Glenn Davis, Inc.                 Conservation of books, prints,

235 West 102nd St. Apt. 7-D            maps and documents.

New York, NY 10025            Emergency help and advice.

212 889-2239

library consultants;

Judith Eisenberg                      Textileconservation,

355 Eighth Avenue                             consulting.

New York, NY 10001            Emergency help and advice.

212 691-2638

textiles, conservation;, conservation;

Edith Hart                                   Conservation of damaged works of

P.O.Box 144                                art on paper and documents.

Tarrytown, NY 10591            Emergency help and advice.

914 631-3785 (fax) 332-4735


sculpture, conservation;.i.objects, conservation;

Jenny Hille                                 Conservation of books, prints,

63 Summit Road                        maps and documents.

Riverside, CT 06878            Library preservation consultant.

203 637-4789                                         Surveys, emergency advice.

fax: 203 637-1300


Ana B. Hofmann, Inc.                Conservation of photographs and

145 Vail Lane                              works of art on paper.

North Salem, NY 10560            Preservation surveys, consulting.

914 669-5915 (fax) 914 669-8167            Emergency advice.


Lilly Hollander                           Conservation of works of art on

99 Pierce Lane                           paper.

West Cornwall, Ct. 06796                   Emergency advice.

860 672-6888

Mindy Friedman Horn            Conservation of works of art on

19 Greenlea Lane                           paper and documents.

Weston, CT 06883                               Conservation lectures.

203 454-2362                                         Surveys of paper collections.

(fax) 203 454-1476                           Emergency advice.

Alexander W. Katlan Conservator Inc.

56-38 Main Street                          Conservation and restoration of

Flushing, NY 11355            paintings. Experience with water

718 445-7458 and                              and fire damaged paintings.

203 532-1672                                         Surveys and emergency advice.

Edith K. MacKennan            Emergency advice.

11 Rosalind Road                   

Poughkeepsie, NY 12601            

914 471-9039                                  

Naples Studio                                   Conservation of oil paintings,

2415 Main Street #209               large scale wall paintings,

Stratford, CT 06497                         and frames. Conservation of

Contact: Christopher Naples            finely painted furniture.

203 375-4337 (fax) 203 386-9238            Emergency advice.


Andrea Pitsch Conservation            Conservation of works of art on

348 West 36 Street, 11th Floor   paper, maps, documents.

New York, NY10018                    General preservation

212 594-9676 (fax) 212 268-4046            assessments. Consulting.                      Emergency help and advice.

Caroline Rieger Art Conservation   

12 East 86 Street #1123                  Conservation of works of art on

New York, NY 10028            paper. Site visits, consulting,

Phone/Fax 212 472-2739 (fax *5)       planning. Emergency advice.

Jeffrey M. Rigby                         Conservation of books, documents,

167 Route 25                  maps, archival materials; consulting.

Hudson, NY 12534                         Emergency help and advice.

Phone/Fax 518 828-5929            


Barbara O. Roberts                     Conservation of wooden

390 Westside Road                          objects. Preservation surveys.

Norfolk, CT 06058-1273               consulting. Help and advice with

860 542-1911 (fax) 860 542-1921            disaster planning and recovery.


Paula Schrynemakers                        Conservation of books, documents

1575 Tomlinson Ave.                and works of art on paper.

Bronx, NY 10461-1526               Emergency advice.

Eve. phone: 718 824-3916


Debra Selden                                   Conservation of paintings,

4 Ridgeview Drive                           including murals.

Ossining, NY 10562                         Emergency advice.

914 941-8121


Gwen Spicer                                    Conservation of textiles

305 Clipp Road                          and objects.

Delmar, NY 12054                         Emergency help and advice.

518 765-2142                                              


Vigues Art Studio                             Conservation of oil paintings,

Oscar and Deborah Perez               frames and mirrors, works of

54 Flanders Road                           art on paper. Conservation of

Woodbury, CT 06798            china, glass, porcelain.

203 263-4088 (fax) 203 266-9118            Emergency advice.


commercial binders;binderies;

After books are stabilized by air-drying or freeze-drying, some may require rebinding. In cases where the books are somewhat fragile or have value as objects, a library binder with a separate conservation department is a much better choice than a regular library binder.

The establishments listed below are able to provide many special services, such as hand sewing, conservation of original bindings, box making, deacidification, encapsulation, and can be relied upon to use archival materials. They can also make photocopies of brittle books in the form of bound books with acid-free pages. This may be a more desirable reformatting choice than microfilm in certain cases.

Other library binders may have conservation departments now or in the future.

Bridgeport National Bindery, Inc.

P.O. Box 289

Agawam, MA 01001-0289.

800 223-5083, 413 789-1981, (fax) 413 789-4007

Etherington Conservation Center, ICI

7609 Business Park Drive, Greensboro, NC 27409

(toll free:) 877 391-1317, 336 665-1317, (fax) 336 665-1319

Ocker and Trapp, Inc.

P.O. Box 229, Emerson, NJ 07630-0229.

800 253-0262, 201 265-0262, (fax) 201 265-0588


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